What to expect from your first visit

New clients should expect to spend about 15 minutes filling out a client information form followed by consultation and evaluation with the therapist before beginning treatment. We will discuss what your main concerns are (relaxation, chronic pain, injury, etc.) and agree upon a treatment plan for the session. This time is in addition to your treatment time, not deducted from it. Please consider this extra time when making a first-time appointment.

During the treatment, you may remain fully clothed or undress to your comfort level, and you will be covered by a sheet.  During the massage the therapist will ask you for feedback about pressure to ensure the optimal level is maintained for you.


After the session is complete, the therapist may discuss options for self-care (such as stretches or exercises) and/or ask you to complete an evaluation form.


Benefits of Massage

There are several proven benefits to getting a massage:

  • reduced stress,

  • improved sleep,

  • lower blood pressure,

  • relaxed muscle tension,

  • improved posture,

  • headache relief,

  • decreased anxiety,

  • improved circulation and oxygenation of the body’s tissues,

  • and many more.

Whether you are looking to relax and to decrease stress or you need help alleviating pain in a specific area of the body, massage therapy can be a wonderful solution.


Swedish Massage
Swedish massage uses five basic strokes to massage: effleurage (gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement, friction and vibration.  These strokes are used to loosen and relax muscles, and increase circulation throughout the body.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage helps to relieve physical discomforts experienced during pregnancy such as back and neck pain, joint discomfort, leg cramping and minor swelling. Soothing the parasympathetic nervous system releases endorphins into your bloodstream which are in turn transferred to your baby. Not only do you feel less stressed, your baby will as well!

Massage also begins to prepare your body for childbirth by relieving tension and increasing range of motion. This massage is done in a side-lying position, and you will be securely propped with cozy pillows.

Postpartum Massage
After giving birth your body feels the effects of all that hard work. Postpartum massage helps to support healthy lactation, reduces stress hormones, and facilitates healing from the delivery.

In addition to restoring your body to its pre-pregnancy state, massage has been proven to help support a healthy emotional state after giving birth. Many moms are ready to receive massage about 2 weeks after delivery. 

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is a technique that unsticks the fibers of a specific muscle to release deep tension. Pressure is used to break up scar tissue on muscle, tendon, and ligaments and to increase blood flow.

Myofascial Therapy
"Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all the muscles and organs in the body". Tight and dehydrated muscles can stick to neighboring muscles and structures, causing pain.  Myofascial therapy is performed without oil and is a deeper tissue method that uses engaging strokes to release the restricted fascia of the muscles. 


Sports MassageSports massage helps to alleviate muscular strain and tension from physical activity. It speeds up recovery and healing time, and increases mobility. Allows the athlete to train, perform, and recover at a higher level.

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